Monday, May 11, 2015

Rods & Classics Lonestar Round Up 2015

Rods & Classics Lonestar Round Up 2015 from Kahuna Films on Vimeo.

Lonestar Round Up 2015

Lonestar Round Up is one of the premier stops for the hotrod culture. Held in Austin, Texas, the event is truly an experience that you don't want to miss!

Fast cars, great music and beautiful women is what you'll find at the Travis County Fair Grounds. We had a team of 16 of us driving from the shop of SPC Rods & Classics in Montgomery, Texas, to Austin, and had several adventures along the way.

From having carburetor problems on the RV to having to swap a generator on the RV, before we even hit the road, we had a few stops along the way and treacherous weather, it only took 14 hours for the 2.5 hour trip ;)

 The team was top notch and we have plans of covering more events in the near future very soon!

 A very special thanks to Third Eye Media and Moffett Productions.

 Here are a few BTS Shots from our coverage.